Sunday, November 16, 2008

The First Post - Cottonwood Valley and Bootleg Canyon

Welcome to my blog!

In November 2007 I took a trip to Nevada and went mountain biking for three days. Each day was an incredible experience, never in my life have I experienced the big ego, confidence boosting accomplishment of the long climb to the top of the hill, followed by the adrenaline-rush producing thrill of the roller-coaster-without-rails ride back down. Since this experience I have decided to try to explore as many trails as I possibly can. I've created this blog to document my experiences and to share with my friends.

I am new to blogger, so I need to learn how to deal with pics and movies and such. Here are some pics and movies from my trip to Nevada in November, 2007. Enjoy.

This is my favorite picture of the Cottonwood Valley near Las Vegas. This was the location of the first day of riding.

This is me with the guide from Las Vegas Cyclery. This was the only guided trip of the three days. I would highly recommend doing the guided trip. The rental bike was top-notch, and the guide knew the best trails to take for the ability of the group.

The singletrack was smooth and fun. Nice gentle climbs with nice speedy descents.

The sunset during our last climb was incredible. The actual view was about 100x better than what is shown in this picture.

A view of the valley during sunset.

The second day my friend Joe decided to join me for a ride in Bootleg Canyon, near Boulder City, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead. Joe needed a little rest climbing up the hill that day. Click this link to see our actual route that day.

This picture was taken from the same place where Joe was resting. We started at the little white buildings in this picture.

We still had to go all the way up as far as the eye could see. Nine months of spinning class at the gym (and 25 lbs lighter) made this easy work for me. I know its just a fire road, but it was still an incredible ego booster to be able to tackle this road with no issues.

Here I am near the top of the hill. We started at about 2500 ft, this shot is at a little over 3100 ft, then we dropped down to the park at 2400 ft. About 700 ft elevation change for the day. There were a lot of ups and downs, so the total climb would have been a little more.

I got far enough in front of Joe to have enough time to get the camera out and take this movie. He starts out as the little yellow spec near the top of the screen.

This is my favorite picture from the second day. I believe Joe had just taken a little spill here and was recovering.

The white building is the place we needed to return to. The ride actually took us a little further downhill then the rental building, then we worked our way back up the road.

Unfortunatly I did not bring the camera with me on the third day. The third day was the day I went back to Cottonwood Valley and ran the "Three Mile Smile".

There is a video of most of the downhill run here (not my video but it is the same trail). For me this downhill run was the highlight of the three days. Here is the Cottonwood Valley trail map:

The "Three Mile Smile" is the Red Valley trail starting near Wilson's Tank. I rode up Badger Pass to Red Valley to the overlook, then back down Red Valley (see the video link above), then on to a little bit of the dead horse loop. Then I worked my way back to the Latenight Loop to finish the day.

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